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The Supply Chain Edge "2014 Year in Review"

Last year was a successful one for Supply Chain Edge, and we are excited about the opportunities 2015 has in store.  The economy is growing, employment has rebounded, consumer confidence is up, and it appears that a more robust recovery is finally here.

Amidst this recovery, however, there are already signs of a new set of challenges for supply chain executives.  Capacity for both ports and overland transportation is being stressed, slowing deliveries.  Wages are edging up, potentially increasing costs. The Fed is considering (finally) an increase in borrowing costs. Additionally, emerging markets will be a source of growth, and the rise of multi-channel retailing, shrinking product life cycles, and new technology will warrant more creative and holistic inventory strategies. 

In 2015, Supply Chain Edge is uniquely positioned to help companies address these and other challenges and, in the process, enhance competitiveness and profitability.  Consider just a few examples of how we helped our clients in 2014 with supply chain transformation projects: 

  1. Restaurant Supply Company, $600 Million in Sales: 
    We implemented nearly $8 million in DC network rationalization improvements.
    Customer ROI 6:1
  2. Healthcare Company, $150 Million in Sales: 
    We implemented courier route optimization and rate negotiations for a large healthcare lab that generated savings of $2.1 million.
     Customer ROI 8:1
  3. Paper Company, $1.5 Billion in Sales: 
    We reengineered the distribution footprint and successfully created a hybrid distribution model for customer growth and sustainability, resulting in annualized operating expense savings of $8.5 million.
    Customer ROI 5:1
  4. Copper Company, $500 Million in Sales:  
    We implemented a comprehensive structured logistics business plan that produced more than $3 million in annualized savings.
    Customer ROI 6:1
  5. Coatings Company, $16 Billion in Sales:  
    We produced a strategic plan for small shipments that resulted in a 15 percent savings ($1.6 million).
    Customer ROI 8:1
  6. Building Supplies Company, $70 Million in Sales:  
    We developed a continuous improvement plan and implemented a formal SIOP process, which saves the company more than $1 million annually.
    Customer ROI 7:1

In addition to the preceding, SCE continued to work with past clients to fine-tune their supply chains and support internal talent to accelerate benefits realization.

SCE is proud of the results we have generated for our clients and look forward to working diligently to continue the momentum in 2015.  Our experienced professionals can help companies improve their supply chain, drive more profitable sales, reduce overall go-to-market costs, maximize profits, and gain competitive advantage in their markets.  To find out how, read more about our services or contact Joe Brady, senior partner, at 440.653.0352 or  

Working together we can enjoy a “win-win” outcome in 2015 and make 2015 a happy (and profitable) new year.

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