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Process Improvement, Cost Savings, and Helping to Create Your Competitive Edge

Process Improvement:

Building Superior Supply Chains for Manufacturers and Distributors

Manufacturing and distribution executives today are under

intense pressure to continually improve financial performance

while fending off tough competitors, meeting the needs of

increasingly demanding customers, and dealing with a volatile

global economy. In such an environment, a superior supply

chain is absolutely vital.

SCE helps companies create such supply chains. We take a

hands‐on approach with clients to develop and implement the

capabilities they need to respond to shifts in their markets.

Our work focuses on helping companies address their most

pressing supply chain challenges, such as those in the sidebar

at left.

Generating Greater ROI for Private Equity Firms

Private equity (PE) firms are contending with today’s

challenges of reduced availability of funds, more stringent

borrowing terms and equity requirements, and challenging

restructuring of term loans coming due. Thus, it is critical for

PE holdings to take steps to not only conduct deeper due

diligence on acquisition targets’ operations to gain a realistic

picture of the targets’ present state and potential, but also to

identify and enact changes in existing portfolio companies’

supply chains that dramatically improve these organizations’

financial performance.

SCE can help on both fronts. We bring deep operational

expertise and a proven assessment process to the due

diligence investigation of a target acquisition. SCE quickly

mobilizes to conduct an in‐depth review of a target

acquisition’s key operations, inventory, and financial

information—often in as little as six weeks.

We also can leverage our knowledge and experience to help a

PE firm identify and implement ways to improve supply chain

performance—either in an acquisition target or existing

portfolio companies.

Whether you’re in need of a more robust due diligence review

of operations or a boost in performance of your portfolio

holdings, Supply Chain Edge can help PE firms reduce the risk

of, and generate greater return on, their investments in

today’s challenging business and financial climate.

Cost Savings

Identifying and Capturing Value through Supply Chain Improvements

Our team of seasoned supply chain consultants works with mid-market manufacturers and distributors to make key changes in their supply chain to achieve significant bottom‐line results.


We also work with private equity firms to confirm the value of potential acquisitions and improve the performance of their

existing portfolio companies.


Our specialty is identifying hidden sources of value in supply chain operations from sourcing and procurement, to sales and

operations planning, to transportation and distribution, to customer service—and then prioritizing and implementing the

solutions necessary to capture that value. Using this fact‐based, analytical approach, we have helped companies save millions of

dollars in supply chain costs while dramatically improving customer responsiveness and driving competitive advantage.


Ten Steps to the Competitive "Edge" for your business.

SCE's solution design and rapid implementation can measurably reduce your costs, leading to increased profitability and improved return on assets - and do it rapidly.

1. Rapid Results
2. Return on Investments

SCE fees are typically recovered within six months after implementation, and returns-on-investment in the range of five to one are typically achieved in 12-24 months after full implementation of recommended actions.

3. Competitive Advantages

SCE work product and guidance improves clients' competitive position, when it has been applied and implemented. This can create sustainable competitive advantages for the client in speed and responsiveness.

4. Return on Responsiveness

SCE clients become more responsive to their clients' needs and thus help improve client profitability and return on assets.

5. Organizational Competency

SCE evaluates and then helps further elevate the competency level of your supply chain talent, processes, systems and strategies, favorably impacting your margins and cost structure.

6. Strategies 

SCE provides and implements the roadmap for client strategies to achieve supply chain excellence, and stands ready to support continued strategic supply chain improvements.

7. Complexity Management

SCE helps identify the best strategic way to manage complexity - employ it for competitive advantage or eliminate wasteful complexity for cost and/or inventory reductions.

8. Metrics

SCE provides and puts in place a series of benchmarks and performance metrics, complete with warning flags and dashboards, that measure the value of clients' supply chains on a continuing and integrated basis.

9. Continuous Improvement

SCE can help on a continuing basis to drive continuous improvement and sustained supply chain excellence and the associated favorable economic benefit.

10. Trusted Partnership

SCE engages with your organization, with a goal of becoming a long-term trusted partner for your future supply chain and operational needs.

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Cost Savings
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