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"The improvements we were able to generate truly gave us a leg up on the competition. In addition to saving millions of dollars, we were able to redefine processes, policies, and strategies that would serve us well long into the future."


Founded in 2001, Supply Chain Edge (SCE) is a consulting and advisory firm specializing in assessing and leading implementation initiatives that drive cost reductions, process improvements, and sustainable productivity gains.  All SCE specialists have extensive supply chain operating experience in both the domestic and international arenas.

SCE provides the project management leadership that delivers the expertise, resources, industry contacts, and superior capabilities to generate the highest return on investment for our clients.  SCE clients engage us because we bring a sense of urgency to getting it done, and getting it done right. We recognize that all organizations have a number of competing priorities that demand their attention.  Although client involvement is certainly needed in any engagement, SCE brings extensive experience to each project to maximize our client's time, expertise and project contribution.  

In many cases, the firms that engage Supply Chain Edge all have experienced that "disappointment" factor with previous consultants: Lots of junior people crunching data and developing large presentations and reports filled with theoretical graphs and charts. When companies hire Supply Chain Edge, they know they are getting a team of professionals who can work with their team to discover, evaluate, and implement solutions that are sustainable and deliver a competitive advantage.

In short, when a company hires SCE, it gets professionals who:

  • Are seasoned executives who have "been there, done that"

  • Can implement and execute effective supply chain solutions

  • Came from industry and have come up through the operational ranks

  • Understand the political, emotional, and cultural elements associated with change

  • Work with your internal talent to get the job done

  • Practice the virtues of humility, patience, and perseverance in every business dealing


SCE work efforts are broken into three categories:

Assessment, Benchmarking and Implementation. 


Identify, qualify, quantify and prioritize business activities that will drive sustainable cost reductions, process improvements, productive gains, and improvements to the income statement and balance sheet.


Provide comparatives to key supply chain metrics in relation to other companies with similar business and operating characteristics.


Lead the execution efforts to turn recommendations into results that generate financial gain.

SCE can assess and benchmark any or all of a company's supply chain practices, costs, processes and/or strategies and implement financial gain and processes improvement recommendations that ensure results.


John DuBiel

Chief Executive Officer

Bill Lindquist
Johnny DuBiel

Vice President


Chief Operating Officer

Luis Moreno

Senior Consultant

Renee Perry.jpg
Renee Perry

VP Procurement & Strategic Sourcing

Michael Shamrell

Senior Consultant

David A. Durtsche

Senior Operating Partner

Tony Bozzuto

Sr. VP Logistics

Ryan Urbaniak Picture.png
Ryan Urbaniak

Director, Supply Chain Consulting

John Dyer.jpg
John Dyer

Senior Consultant

Craig Marton

Senior Operating Partner

Marshall Ellis

Senior Consultant

Put our team of seasoned supply chain consultants to work for you.

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