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See What Our Clients Are Saying:

Mike Fagan, CEO

"Seeking outside help that can quickly and realistically assess opportunity was a key driver in our selecting Supply Chain Edge for several supply chain related initiatives. We’d done an effective job at capitalizing on the low hanging fruit opportunities. However, we needed someone with experience that could take us levels beyond where we were. Working with Supply Chain Edge, we were able to maximize our gains and measure our progress along the way. The improvements we were able to generate truly gave us a leg up on the competition. In addition to saving millions of dollars, we were able to redefine processes, policies, and strategies that would serve us well long into the future."

Del Laboratories Inc.

Charles J. Hinkaty, President and Chief Executive Officer (Retired)

"Supply Chain Edge was instrumental in helping Del Laboratories in realizing substantial savings of several million dollars through an enhanced Sales and Operations Planning Process, negotiated freight rates resulting from a consolidation of carriers, and numerous improvements in our warehouse facility. They were a pleasure to work with, and assimilated within our operations organization seamlessly. In no time at all, they became valued members of the Del team."

Joel Brown, Director of Supply Chain

"John Dubiel and his staff at Supply Chain Edge led the development of a Supply Chain Assessment and Logistics strategy to enable United Copper to achieve its short and long term goals of 3-day delivery and 95% on-time delivery.  The strategy was instrumental in maintaining a flat transportation cost base, while positioning United Copper to be a shipper of choice in a tight transportation market.  I would recommend John and his staff."

Brent Van Scoik, Vice President – Global Procurement

"Materion’s need to develop and implement a centrally led logistics organization was a key element of a broader effort to upgrade the overall quality of the processes that support our supply chain. After evaluating several options, we selected Supply Chain Edge to lead this effort. Their talent, experience level, and ability to work with all levels of our organization have ben a key differentiator. With SCE’s help, we are driving significant results and SCE will continue to play a critical role in our future.  I highly recommend SCE as a trusted advisor.  Any firm should consider them if they seek deep expertise, cost reduction, and a sustainable productivity gain."

Jeff Rogers, President

"Supply Chain Edge was instrumental in helping us compare freight and warehouse operations against the industry averages and identify those critical areas where we could improve. Additionally, they helped us understand the more efficient ways our industry peers go about different processes in warehousing to eliminate unnecessary resources. Lastly, they helped focus and prioritize the Physicians Formula operations team on the most important projects to tackle first to ensure we would maximize and achieve operations related savings projects."

Joe Sinicropi COO

"The effective deployment and execution of supply chain strategies and processes can provide significant competitive advantage. When we sought help from the outside to expand margins and drive sustainable cost reduction opportunities, we engaged the Supply Chain Edge team. Their ability to quickly assess, prioritize, and implement those initiatives which could drive the highest returns to our company exceeded our expectations. If you require additional bandwidth to drive supply chain improvements while maximizing the value that the supply chain discipline can bring to your organization, you should talk with Supply Chain Edge."

Don Smith, Vice President of Global Operations

"Our company has experienced significant growth both organically and through acquisition. To support this growth, our resources were consumed with a number of competing priorities. However, we suspected that considerable savings and productivity gains were possible in the transportation and distribution areas of our organization, especially as we worked to integrate each acquisition. We turned to Supply Chain Edge and were able to generate millions of dollars in savings while making our transportation and distribution processes and strategies best in class. I’m confident you will find it worth your while to talk with the Supply Chain Edge team. We have been extremely pleased with their results oriented approach and ability to deliver."

Jack Waterstreet, Vice President

"Maximizing the returns we can realize for our investors can be dependent on how successful our portfolio companies manage their supply chains. In those instances where we deemed it appropriate to consider help from the outside, we chose the Supply Chain Edge team. The level of experience they bring to an engagement, coupled with their ability to work effectively within all levels of an organization, is superior. We have experienced significant and sustainable savings and process improvements while working with Supply Chain Edge. If you want to work with people who have been there and done that, I highly recommend them."

Michael Di Mino, CEO, Former Operating Executive Morgenthaler Partners

"While working in the private equity community, I had the opportunity to work with the Supply Chain Edge folks on a number of occasions. The opportunities they identify and implement are real and they hit the target every time. Additionally, their ability to understand the cultural and political inner workings within an organization provided the necessary trust and confidence levels required to drive progress."

Bill Seelbach, Operating Partner

"The Supply Chain Edge team is extremely skilled in helping companies assess cost reduction and process improvement opportunities. More impressive is their ability to provide effective resources to lead and support the implementation of those initiatives that drive the highest return to an organization. Any firm evaluating consulting or advisory support in logistics, distribution, and supply chain management would serve themselves well by considering Supply Chain Edge for the task at hand."

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