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John Dyer

John Dyer has 33 years of Process Improvement experience (10 with General Electric and 10 with Ingersoll-Rand – Bobcat, Club Car, Schlage Lock, etc.).  He has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a M.S. in Business Management (International MBA) from Purdue University and the University of Rouen, France.  John had the opportunity to spend two years, while at GE, collecting best practices in the area of Process Excellence.  During this time, he studied with Dr. Ed Deming, Brian Joiner (author of the Team Handbook), and attended classes at the Steven Covey Institute of Leadership.  He also attended the original Six Sigma training provided at the Motorola University as well as several classes on Facilitation, Problem Solving, and Process Leadership at the GE Corporate Training facility.

While at Ingersoll-Rand, John successfully implemented many of these best practices throughout the Security and Safety Sector of the Company.  He was then asked to lead an internal Corporate Consulting team.  This team focused on the implementation of Lean and Six Sigma principles throughout the company and had engagements throughout the world.  This team assisted company business units and worked on projects that helped save over a $100 Million over a 4 year period of time.

John is also a Contributing Editor for IndustryWeek magazine.

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