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Maximizing supply chain performance 
            for growth and competitive advantage





For most manufacturing and distribution companies, supply chain costs represent between 55% and 65% of gross revenue.  

At Supply Chain Edge, we specialize in identifying hidden sources of value in a variety of supply chain operations for mid to large-market manufacturers and distributors. Once identified, our team of seasoned supply chain consultants prioritize and implement the solutions necessary to achieve significant bottom-line results, enabling the client to reap substantial cost and performance benefits.

Using a fact-based, analytical approach, we have helped companies save millions of dollars in supply chain costs while dramatically improving customer responsiveness and driving competitive advantage.

Additionally, Supply Chain Edge works with private equity firms to confirm the value of potential acquisitions and improve the performance of their existing portfolio companies.

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What is SCE's value to clients?

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How We Can Help

Our team of seasoned supply chain consultants work with mid-market manufacturers and distributors to make key changes in their supply chain to achieve significant bottom-line results. 

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Areas of Focus

Learn about how we can help your business with process improvement, cost savings, and helping you build your competitive edge.


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An Evaluation of Opportunities to Improve Your Supply Chain’s Performance With Minimal Financial Commitment

Companies everywhere are under enormous pressure to improve their financial and operating performance, and that pressure ultimately filters down to the supply chain. It’s vital for executives to identify their biggest opportunities for getting more out of their supply chain, and more important, where and how to start capitalizing on those opportunities. That’s why we’ve introduced the SCE Rapid Discovery Assessment.

The SCE Rapid Discovery Assessment is a chance for you and your team to get insights on how to improve the performance of your operations—at a minimal cost to you and without the sales presentation. During this one day, “roll-up-your-sleeves” session, you’ll discuss your supply chain strategies, challenges, opportunities, and corporate strategy with SCE’s experienced supply chain advisors, and learn how companies with similar business characteristics are tackling the issues you face. As a follow-up to our discussion, you’ll receive a Findings and Recommendations Report from SCE that outlines your biggest opportunities for improvement and how to capitalize on those opportunities.

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying About Working With SCE

"SCE served as our external project manager for the start-up of our greenfield manufacturing operation in Hickory NC.  Since we don’t build a brand-new plant every day, we wanted SCE to help flag things that we otherwise might not know, thereby tapping into SCE’s prior experience in creating additional business sites.  SCE dove in to understand our business so that they could advise on how to get a new business operation up and running – going beyond the physical construction of the site and the installation of the equipment.   SCE worked with our existing management team to regularly review issues and make sure deadlines were being met.  SCE’s logistical expertise allowed them to successfully resolve several transportation challenges for us, highlighting SCE’s tenacious perseverance.  SCE also helped serve as our “feet on the street” since this project started during the height of COVID.   SCE took a team approach, engaging several managers from their team to work with Gusmer’s internal team.   We are proud that our new site has started up in less than one year – which is quite a feat in these challenging times.  We appreciate SCE’s dedication and responsiveness, and we enjoyed working with them."

   - Marla Jeffrey

      President and Chief Executive Officer

       Gusmer Enterprises, Inc.

Hear what more of our clients say about working with SCE and the value we bring to their businesses.

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